Your IP is Lost Power City

Welcome to the end...

The power has been out since the big storm. I'm not sure how long it has even been....8 months? A year maybe?
What little News we get comes in over the radio; maybe once a week. If you are lucky enough to have a radio.

The authorities have mostly turned on us. They tell us to keep calm, but there's violence all over. 
They will just kill you if you resist. But the authorities are the least of our worries.

People are killing other people with everything from chainsaws to rocket launchers. 
Crimes are being commited everywhere. Street racing happens on every street.

I'm growing tired of hearing the screams. I heard there is a safe place somewhere in the south. 
But I don't know what to believe. I fear we won't make it like this much longer.

None of us...

Unless we fight back. Help us. Join the fight.

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